Optimal stubble cultivation

The Kristall and Karat cultivators produce optimal results in stubble cultivation and can also be used for seedbed preparation for mulch seeding.

Koralin 9

The LEMKEN hybrid cultivator Koralin 9 protects the soil from erosion and maintains soil moisture. It combines the advantages of both a disc harrow and a cultivator and is ideal for full area, ultra shallow soil cultivation. read more

Karat 9

Intensive work in shallow and deep stubble cultivation

The Karat intensive cultivator is suited for both the first, shallow stubble cultivation across the full surface after combine harvesting and for subsequent, deeper passes with intensive mixing, or for seedbed preparation for mulch seeding. read more

Karat 12

The Karat 12 is a four-bar cultivator with four rows of tines spaced approx. 23 cm apart for intensive mixing and loosening of the soil. Both shallow and deep tillage of up to 30 cm depth is possible. read more

Kristall 9

Optimal quality of work and compact design Optimal quality of work and compact design

The Kristall compact cultivator, which combines the advantages of a twin-beam implement with the strengths of a triple- or multi-beam cultivator, is designed for optimal quality of work in stubble cultivation. read more