15. November 2017

Machines now benefit from additional products and services

Strategic alliance between LEMKEN and AppsforAgri

Today’s smart, networked agricultural machinery opens up a wide range of options for additional products and services that will make agricultural practice even more efficient. LEMKEN has entered into a partnership with AppsforAgri in order to take advantage of this potential. The aim is to collaborate with this Dutch start-up company to develop applications in this field. AppsforAgri’s first products are now available via LEMKEN.

The collaboration offers customers the benefit of making sensor technology and associated apps available for use already. In the medium term, it is planned to develop additional, integrated solutions that closely network apps, sensors and machines. LEMKEN’s alliance with AppsforAgri allows the company to drive relevant developments forward. LEMKEN’s CEO, Anthony van der Ley, believes that this is an important step ahead: “This confirms yet again that LEMKEN, the AgroVision Company, is looking towards the future. We believe that this cooperation will make us faster, more agile and more efficient, so that we can be even more responsive to farmers’ needs.”

AppsforAgri is a relatively young company that has successfully positioned itself as a pioneer in the field of new technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT). The company’s user-friendly products rely on aggregating diverse data, which is evaluated by means of specially developed algorithms and then linked to new technologies. The alliance with LEMKEN allows both companies to combine their strengths and capabilities. Iljan Schouten, Business Unit Manager, LEMKEN Crop Care, explains that, “we intend to provide farmers and contractors not only with outstanding implements, but also with better support for their decision-making processes. They clearly gain added value if we are able to assist them actively in determining the optimal time for deploying their field sprayers, for example.”

Machines now benefit from additional products and services