02. November 2015

Karat 12 for intensive stubble cultivation

LEMKEN with new four-bar cultivator

LEMKEN has developed the new Karat 12 for both shallow and deep no-tillage cultivation up to 30 cm depth, especially in heavier soils. Four rows of tines with a line distance of about 23 cm deliver the desired loosening effect as well as effective mixing, depending on share type.

An underframe clearance of 80 cm and an interbody clearance of 90 respectively 80 cm can make easy work of large volumes of organic materials. The Karat 12 features concave discs for optimal levelling, as do LEMKEN's other cultivator models, the Kristall and Karat 9. The discs and trailing roller are designed as a single unit to ensure that the discs do not need to be adjusted even when the working depth is changed.

The carriage of LEMKEN's new cultivator is integrated between the tines and concave discs, resulting in a highly compact and stable cultivator that is at the same time extremely agile at the headlands and during road transport. The favourable weight distribution allows the use of heavy trailing rollers to achieve good reconsolidation.

The standard equipment of the Karat 12 includes maintenance-free automatic overload protection. The tines are able to deflect vertically by up to 20 cm, providing for confident, disruption-free work even in stony soils. Trigger forces in excess of 550 kg ensure that the tines remain firmly engaged with the soil.

The hydraulic depth adjustment allows operators to adjust the working depth continuously via the trailing rollers, all from the comfort of the tractor cabin during operation. Each roller/concave disc unit is equipped with a self-levelling system for precise and constant depth control and smooth operation.

Hydraulic traction enhancement is available as an option for the Karat 12 to reduce slip and thus reduce fuel consumption.

The ContourTrack option, which provides electro-hydraulic adaptation to surface contours via depth control wheels, is recommended to ensure consistent working depths, which can often be problematic in hilly terrain. This ensures optimum working results even with longer cultivators.

The new semi-mounted Karat 12 will be available in working widths from four to seven metres.


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Karat 12 for intensive stubble cultivation
Karat 12
Karat 12 for intensive stubble cultivation
Karat 12