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Eric Peeters

The Juwel 8 with TurnControl Pro works automatically at the push of a button! I can set everything I need via the terminal: front furrow width, cutting width, working depth – everything. That’s just fabulous!



TurnControl Pro on the new CCI-1200 terminal
TurnControl Pro on the new CCI-1200 terminal

TurnControl Pro is the ISOBUS-compatible, fully electronic control solution for the Juwel 8V. It handles automatic plough rotation and the adjustment of plough tilt, working width and working depth as standard. The scope of functions can be expanded further upon request.

The user interface can be displayed on any universal terminal, and functions can additionally be assigned to AUX-N-compatible joysticks. Perfect plough adjustment at the push of a button!

TurnControl Pro is AEF-certified and has been awarded a DLG prize for superior operating comfort.

Video TurnControl Pro


Cultivation at an even depth

Karat 9 with ContourTrack

The LEMKEN ContourTrack electronic contour tracking system provides precise depth control for semi-mounted cultivators such as the LEMKEN Karat KA. The cultivator is here guided via the trailing roller.This ensures that the desired working depth is maintained consistently - even when driving over crests or through dips.It also ensures that the traction is evenly transferred to the tractor.

Video ContourTrack