Clean plough furrows: the first step to reliable, high yields

In recent years, ploughing has once again gained more importance, especially due to the expansion of maize cultures. In the context of preventing crop disease, controlling weeds mechanically due to increasing resistance against a range of crop protection agents, and controlling mice and other pests, there still is no sustainable alternative to ploughing. Recent studies have shown that ploughing is, for example, unrivalled for loosening and aerating the main root zone to allow rapeseed roots to develop optimally, and ploughing thus establishes an ideal basis for high, reliable yields.

LEMKEN’s entire plough programme stands out through a comprehensive offer of features and accessories for all ploughs. This allows farmers and contract farmers to select the primary soil cultivation implement that is just right for their specific needs. The available features include mechanical and hydraulic stone protection systems, a range of options for selecting the distance between individual bodies to ensure blockage-free operation, and versions with continuous and graded working width adjustment.

LEMKEN offers a matching plough for all soil conditions and any tractor from 40 HP:

Mounted reversible ploughs

Profitable in any soil

LEMKEN’s mounted reversible ploughs are safe and reliable to use, robust and easy to tow, making them not only economical, but also very versatile. read more

Semi-mounted reversible ploughs

Maximum safety, reliability and economy

Our comprehensive range of mounted reversible ploughs includes the right model for any needs. These robust ploughs are designed for efficiency and extremely high continuous loads. read more