CCI.Apps expand the functions available on your CCI-200 terminal

The comprehensive range of available CCI.Apps allows you to expand your CCI-200 terminal by many useful additional functionalities. Most of the apps are already included at no extra cost, and additional apps can be easily installed at any time.


CCI.Command comprises the GPS-based PT parallel tracking assistance and the automatic SC part width section control. PT supports precise pass alignment even with poor visibility or on fields without tramlines. The distance to a straight or curved reference line is calculated using GPS and visualised for the driver. SC switches the part width sections of the implement automatically based on its GPS position. This prevents double passes across areas, ensures that farm inputs are used economically and lastingly reduces driver strain.


CCI.Control is your job management tool and forms the interface between the farm management software and the implement control on the CCI terminal. This allows not only the data recorded by your machine to be transferred to other devices or computers, but even entire workflows to be easily controlled and documented. When combined with a GPS signal, jobs can be planned and documented for specific locations.


CCI.Courier permits wireless data exchange, e.g. via email or online access. For this function, the terminal requires an additional GSM modem including an aerial and SIM card.


Many tractors are not yet ISOBUS-ready, but have a signal connector instead. CCI.Tecu can use this connector to collect a wide range of tractor data such as speed of travel, PTO speed and linkage position and then share these data with other bus subscribers.


CCI.Cam transmits the images recorded by various cameras directly to your terminal, ensuring that you always have an excellent overview of your machine.