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Overload protection

For disruption-free ploughing

All LEMKEN overload protection systems protect share points when they hit obstacles. All LEMKEN ploughs are equipped as standard with a double-cut shear bolt protection. The auto reset systems use a roller mechanism which provides smooth tripping with high trip and re-entry forces when the plough makes contact with an obstacle.

Solutions for any requirements

  • The mechanical tandem auto-reset with beams and legs made from spring steel provides large lateral tripping.
  • The HydriX hydraulic auto-reset provides adjustment of trip force between 50 and 140 bar. Users can select a low trip force in light soil conditions so that stones remain in the soil. In heavy or hard conditions, high trip forces ensure the plough bodies resist the tough soil, only moving when they contact a large stone or similar obstacle.
  • The Hydromatic auto-reset protection, with its firm connection of the plough bodies to the supporting point, allows horizontal and lateral movement at the same time. The protection element is completely maintenance-free.