30. March 2017

Canadian dealers on a LEMKEN trip

At the end of February, we took a group of 40 from Eastern Canada to Alpen, Germany. The group consisted chiefly of farmers and some dealers from their regions. Eastern Canada reaches from the Maritimes on the Atlantic coast to the province of Ontario, the border with Western Canada.

Given the distance of 5,500 km from the Atlantic in the East to the Pacific Ocean in the West, Canada has much to offer from an agricultural perspective. In our group, dealers and farmers came together who work in agriculture up to 2,200 km apart from one another.

As usual, we explained to our guests in a PowerPoint presentation what we have been doing for 237 years, and we attempted to communicate our business philosophy. Of course, the classic plant visit was a must as well.

In the company of Derrick Corbett, the Regional Sales Manager for the Maritimes at LEMKEN Canada, the interest of his customers was primarily turned toward the cultivators and ploughs. The maritime province of Prince-Edward-Island produces about a third of Canada’s entire potato harvest, around 1,3 million tons. The so-called potato province exports seed potatoes to more than 20 countries.

Ontario is the largest area of soy bean cultivation in Canada, but corn, wheat, and dry beans are also grown in large quantities. Together with our new colleague Shawn Robinson, who took over the province of Ontario as Regional Sales Manager, his customers were able to learn a great deal at the AgroFarm about the Rubin 9 and 12 as well as the Heliodor 9.

A definite highlight for our group was the visit of Farm Miermann (“Miermanns Scheune“). This traditional farm has been family-owned and operated since the 17th century and is currently run by three generations. Johannes Miermann welcomed us very warmly and we learned a lot about his multifaceted operations in agriculture, vegetable growing, pig farming and direct marketing as well as about his new branch in renewable energy. Johannes Miermann showed us the biogas and solar installations close by and its distribution centre in the adjacent village, which supplies heat to the local public pool and the primary school.

We continued on from the farm to the “Uerige” in Düsseldorf. The brewery tour and the “Schweinshaxe” (roasted pork knuckle) on the menu are program items that are always well received among our Canadians. On top, some of us went on dancing, as the day of our visit happened to be no less than Carnival Thursday called Altweiber (literally, “old women day”) in Düsseldorf.

The next morning we took off for Paris, where we were able to offer sight-seeing in addition to two days on the SIMA fair.