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ISOBUS offers a great deal of benefits to agriculture!

Standardised control structures simplify implement operation, as a single terminal can be used for several implements. It is also possible to share the use of additional control elements, that is so-called auxiliaries such as joysticks and toggle switch panels. This facilitates the use of part width section-specific cultivation measures and permits data and information to be exchanged between implements and farm management software.

BUS stands for Binary Unit System, which serves to transfer data between several participants sharing a single transmission route. The term ISOBUS, which is derived from the international ISO 11783 standard, is the trade name of a data bus for agricultural and municipal use. This standard defines connectors and cables, participants, data formats and interfaces.

The core ISOBUS components are:

1. ISOBUS-capable operating terminal (UT)
2. ISOBUS job computer on the implement
3. Standardised tractor implement connector
4. ISOBUS auxiliary control element (AUX-N joystick)
5. Tractor ECU
6. GPS receiver


One for All, All for One

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