The CCI-1200 terminal: The latest in ISOBUS technology

Electronic tools have become an essential part of agricultural technology, as they make workflows more efficient and enable better monitoring. Humans mostly interact with machines via terminals, which form the interface for input, control and communication functions. Eight years after the market launch of the highly successful CCI-200, LEMKEN now introduces the CCI-1200, the next generation of ISOBUS implement control, in collaboration with other members of the CCI consortium.

The CCI-1200 features a new, sophisticated housing design with a 12.1" widescreen display and multi-touch operation at smartphone level. The terminal layout is flexible, allowing it to be used in both landscape and portrait mode.

The display can additionally be split to show several applications at the same time. Implement controls can now be displayed together with a map for GPS-controlled width section control, for example. This split-screen function is particularly valuable when two ISOBUS- compatible machines are to be operated at the same time. The display can, for example, show a Solitair/Azurit combination for maize seeding, with the CCI-1200 taking over the function of two universal terminals.


Flexible alignment

Multi-touch handling

Clear presentation of several applications

GPS section control

GPS output quantity control



The new CCI-1200 continues to support all CCI.Apps known by the CCI-200. Neu ist außerdem das integrierte Hilfesystem CCI.Help.Another addition is the integrated CCI.Help system. This innovative CCI.App provides operators with up-to-date information on currently open applications, their functionalities and settings. Interactive documents, images and videos serve to provide users with rapid support on the operation of the terminal and machine.