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Successful agriculture relies on powerful machinery. To ensure reliable operation of your farm equipment, high quality is vital especially when it comes to your wear and spare parts. Only genuine LEMKEN parts offer the real deal. Because each LEMKEN wear or spare part offers the same uncompromising level of quality as your original equipment. After all, the product improvements made to our equipment will be passed on to all our spare parts. The result is a wide range of reliable, durable and precisely engineered parts that more than pay for themselves.

The benefits of genuine LEMKEN spare parts:

  • Maximum lifetime
  • 100% precision fit
  • Always OEM quality
  • Constant quality improvement
  • Continuous availability over decades
  • Best quality-price ratio on the market

Spare Parts Brochure

Spare Parts Brochure

Easy and quick identification and ordering

The decision for LEMKEN pays off even when identifying spare parts, as each genuine LEMKEN spare and wearing part carries a unique identifier on the side facing away from the ground, allowing even worn parts to be clearly identified. This means that you’ll only order what you really need.

Need Spare Parts? It is simple! Visit www.Agroparts.com to order your genuine LEMKEN wear and spare parts from our Canadian warehouse. Please contact LEMKEN Spare Parts Manager Francois Marquis for more information!

François Marquis

François Marquis

Parts Manager

Phone : +1 514 240 3607

Email : f.marquis@lemken.com


Always use the break between seasons to check these parts for wear and replace them where appropriate.

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